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Departure to Kizimkazi between 07:00 – 09:30 arrival approximately 12:00


Kizimkazi is a small fishing village, situated in the south-east of Zanzibar, about 45 minutes by taxi. Offshore, the Menai Bay Conservation Area is the largest protected marine area of Zanzibar at 470km². Here you will find various species of birds, tropical fish and dolphins. There are regular sightings of bottlenose and humpback dolphins. The humpback dolphin is rather shy and a slow swimmer, with a distinct hump on it's dorsal fin. They swim near to the shore or around the shelf, avoiding boats and snorkelers. The bottlenose dolphin bonds in groups of 2 - 15 or more. These playful and intelligent mammals spend most of their time socializing and are easy to approach. After arriving in Kizimkazi, a small boat (equipped with a solar sail and life vests) will take you out into the Menai Bay. As soon as dolphins are spotted, you will have to get ready quickly and then “jump”! The more experienced you are at snorkeling, the better you will be able to keep up with them. Those less experienced will, however, not miss out on anything. The bottlenose dolphins will allow the boats to approach rather closely and you will be able to watch and take pictures.

Snorkeling gear and life vests can be rented free of charge at our Beach Center and if you wish, we can arrange an introductory snorkeling lesson in the pool. Also, keep in mind that ocean conditions can get a little rough, so we recommend taking sea-sick tablets if required, which are available at reception, prior to departure.

Don’t forget to take a towel, sunscreen, water shoes (depending on the tide) and money, if you want to buy souvenirs.

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