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Snorkeling trip (approx. 3h)

Departure 1 hour before low tide, arrival back in Michamvi 3 hours later


The snorkeling spot is about a 5 min. taxi drive away in Pingwe. Your driver will drop you off at the Pweza beach where you will have a spectacular view. After a walk of about 100 meters down the beach, the snorkeling boat will be waiting for you. It takes about 20 minutes on the boat to reach the snorkeling spot, where the boat will anchor while you are snorkeling.

The best snorkeling is during low tide, as there is no current and you will get a closer and better look at the fish and coral. Your guide will take you through the coral and show you the different fish. Fish that can be seen are moorish idol, sergeant major (zebra fish), puffer fish, lion fish, parrot fish, pipe fish, barracuda, damsel, anemone fish (nemo) and many more. You will be snorkeling inside the shore reef, where you are protected from the ocean waves. Before departure, order drinks (not included in the price), from the bar. Complimentary fruit will be served on the boat.

For inexperienced snorkelers, we offer introductory lessons in the pool. Just contact us at reception and we will arrange it for you.

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