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Stone Town City Tour (half or full day)

Departure to Stone Town 09:00, arrival back at Michamvi approx. 13:30 / 16:30


Stone Town is approximately 1 hour from Michamvi by taxi and is one of the oldest Swahili towns in East Africa. Over the centuries and under the influence of Arabian, Persian and Asian seafarers, and the periodic changing of colonial reign, the once small fishing village has turned into a flourishing town. Today, Stone Town is Zanzibar’s cultural heart, where little has changed over the last 200 years. You can spend hours wandering through the winding alleys and narrow streets, admiring mosques, bazaars and the grand Arab houses, with their famous, artistically carved, wooden doors. The city is situated directly on the Indian Ocean, opposite the Tanzanian mainland and its economic centre, Dar Es Salaam. In 2010, Stone Town was declared a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, which enabled refurbishing some of the most beautiful buildings.


Highlights of the city tour include:

  • House of Wonders ( Beit-al Ajaib)

The House of Wonders was built 1883 and used for ceremonies. At that time, it was the first house in Zanzibar with electricty and the only house in the whole of East Africa with an elevator. Therefore, the name “House of Wonders”. It was also used temporarily as a district building by the British. Today, it is a Museum for Zanzibarian history and culture.




  • The Slave Chambers and the Anglican Cathedral

During slavery, the slaves were brought out daily, chained together and displayed publicly for sale. Visiting the remaining chambers gives you an impression of how they were kept and the living conditions they had to endure. Only after David Livingstone’s continual insistence, did the British government finally abolish slavery. They ultimately bought the land and built the cathedral.


  • Forodhani Garden

Forodhani Garden is a popular meeting point amongst locals, as well as tourists. Renovated in 2009, there is now a little promenade, stone benches in the shade of trees and a little restaurant. Enjoy a refreshing drink and the view out onto the Indian Ocean.


  • Fish and vegetable market (Darajani market)

Your guide will show you a local spice and vegetable market, where it is worthwhile trying the fresh fruit. Be reminded though, that the smell of the neighboring fish-and meat market, may not be for everyone.


  • Shopping

Stroll through the streets and alleyways at your leisure, shop for souvenirs and with a little luck, you might even get a good bargain.



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