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Sunset cruise (approx. 1½ hour)

Departure at 17:00, return approx. 18:30


Meeting point is the bar at 17:00. Dependent on the tide, you will walk a short distance where the Ngalawa, a local sailing boat with outriggers, will be waiting for you. If you would like to take drinks on board, they are not included in the price, but can be ordered from the bar in advance (cooler box available).

With good wind conditions, the Ngalawas pick up speed swiftly and you will be sailing out into the bay before landing on the sandbank near the mangroves. A local guide will explain the different types and characteristics of the mangroves and if the tide is not too high, you can wander around and with luck find crabs, mud hoppers and see different species of birds.

On the tip of the sandbank there are plenty of seabirds. If you approach them carefully, you can get an idyllic sunset scene. After this little guided tour, you will be returning to Michamvi with hoisted sails, if wind conditions allow it.

The captains and guides are all from Michamvi and the income is supporting their business.



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