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Michamvi Village tour (approx. 1½ hour)

Departure possible anytime


Michamvi consists of two villages, Michamvi Kae, where the hotel is situated and Michamvi Pingwe. Michamvi Kae has 400 inhabitants, a mosque, an administrative building and a school. Only eight years ago the paved road ended in Paje and Michamvi was accessible on a dirt road. 

Your guide will meet you at reception and lead you towards the village mosque, recognisable by the speakers on the roof.  Noticable, are also all the half-finished houses and their difference in construction. The makuti houses are completley made out of dried and braided coconut leaves. There are also houses made out of coral rock and plaster and then there are the brickhouses, which are the most expensive style. The lack of micro-financing however, makes it difficult for owners to finish building. You will then walk to the mangrove forest on the north side of the village. As the mangroves protect the village from erosion, it’s strictly forbidden to cut them down. From there a small path leads up to the school of Michamvi, where 20 teachers are responsible for around 308 students, from Kindergarten up to Standard 7. A teacher will take you around and show you their library, laboratory and the new building, which they intend to use for examinations. The school is also the end of Michamvi village tour. 


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